Paediatric Surgery Essentials is a FOAMed resource set up to deliver, over time, what we believe to be essential knowledge in paediatric surgery. It is not encyclopaedic, nor designed to match a curriculum but to augment study, research and discussion to develop the practice of an advanced trainee in paediatric surgery, anywhere in the world. 

Paediatric Surgery Essentials is run by an international group of specialist Paediatric Surgeons. We endeavour to provide the most up to date information based on our experiences. We understand that you might spell pediatric wrongly too. Caveats on the use of any information provided here must be reviewed. We value your feedback to help develop this resource. 

The blog site looks like a hospital. Visit any of the wards or departments to find information relevant to a topic in that place. The discussion about an epigastric hernia will be in Outpatients, surgical knot tying in Theatre/OR and a discussion on gastroschisis silos in Neonatal Unit. Or, for the latest blogposts, go here

Our aim is to share ideas and stimulate discussion so please, get involved and leave your comments below the relevant posts. We aim to improve, so if you have knowledge that would add to this, please share the evidence and we will update as appropriate.